We are all created with a unique soul and an infinite capacity of imagination…

But while we grow up, we loose our uniqueness by social interactions and boundries. Each day we face with the assimilation and we desperately become just a person waiting in a line.

Questioning becomes just a memory of our childhood.

Dreaming is replaced by our ‘goals’.

The system eliminates our inner curiosity and blocks our desires underneath our voices.

We desperately become one of “us”.

We defend our community and our social rules and regulations; we fight against “others”…

This “us’ issue force us to stay in our social roles which means also ‘living in our boxes’.

We forget about our individuality.

And our God-given diversity can not resist to ‘our’ uniformity.

Creativity is not related to our education or family; but generally it becomes something ‘allowed’ by them.

Who gives the permission to think or to imagine? Isn’t it our real characteristic to be human?

Remember that in one perspective, we are “social animals” and we are able to configure our world by our dreams and wishes.

Those dreams that we are forced to forget…

Remember, that we do not have to be classified as poets or artists.

Do you ever remember what was the meaning of the sky when we were children?

Not the clouds or the sun.

But our mental picturings in the sky which the most common ones were sheeps 🙂

Take back your sheeps and let them fly again…