A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

couple-embrace In an old spot of the city, a brand new love is shining on the street…

All the daily raises, all the worries and pains or even hurries are set aside leaving an unknown taste of happiness in this picture…

This couple doesn’t care about the time or place, they are free to dare to love unconditioningly.

They are young and they still feel their existence, which many of othershad lost its meaning under the years which passed by.

Love is priceless and limitless.

Love is kinda stepping outside from running in circles. It gives our moments back which life takes from us.

You just feel more alive and more real.

It’s like adding glitters to the pastel colors…

You are not alone anymore if you have love;or simply if you love…

And this erases all broken thoughts from your mind. It also gives meaning to your thoughts.

You become alienated by social structures, and your slavery routines of your life become unimportant or even meaningless.

Think about the others in this picture;

Do they look joyful? Absolutely not… And that’s the difference of love own.

This couple can be seen both as separating for that moment or just arrived and found eachother. But in both situtation, they have them, with all pure and innocent love.

Maybe they will loose their anxious to meet one day, and maybe they will become like others;

but now is their time to feel themselves as unique and united.

This feeling is the most precious one ever in a life time.

Thinking all my daily basis worries and thoughts, fights and so on;

I should admit that I’m pretty jealous, looking at them.

Even just a picture can take you from your chair to a different mode of thinking just in a second.

I tried to picture myself in that scene; and I found out that I put myself in that tramspot waiting for the new one.

The bad part of my imagination was: waiting a streetcar as a part of my touristic excursion and I imagined myself alone in a foreign city…

How sad yeah?..

About (expression of intention)


I was born in 1984 for a reason which I’ve been searching for since 2004…

That year I realized that I was a survivor and I started to work on my personal awareness and on my souls development for a spiritual enlightment.

I chose to study Sociology in my university.  I was so curious about civilizations and history. But what interested me most was the history of art and philosophy. It was amazing reaching out all that information. Each masterpiece was like a time machine. Each of them gave me a unique ticket to travel through my immagination, thoughts and emotions.  Those timeless travels gave me the courage to travel the world.  So I started to focus on cultural events which years after created the idea of belonging to the nature and the feeling of being part of a big picture called ‘love’.

I never was a good reader, but I always wrote what I felt since childhood.. Those writings were basicly poems in my mother language. I wasn’t able to keep a diary. Because the idea of re-reading it wasn’t fun and more importantly it wasn’t a good way to remember our feelings related to that day . I believe that our memories should be saved in our souls instead of a piece of paper which will block our souls re-judgments. But a poem can be read and can be configured each time we read it… You ca play with your own words finding new meanings on your emotions.

Since then, I try to understand my conclusions, keeping in mind my reasons and feelings related to…

I had so much trouble in my life. It wasn’t easy to grow up, but I think I finally did it 🙂

Now I write for ‘soul-to-soul’ communication.

Sometimes reading a strangers “world” is the best way to find your own way to move on. But I’m not talking about lessons taken from them, it is just to see and to create a different conclusion. You can not change the body of the writing, but you can see and share a personal assumption and solution for your own good. Or even for someone else…

We need eachother and since we have the possibility to reach eachother in one way or another; we need to keep our souls connected.

I hope you have a nice day!


Kusursuz Sessizlik


Yeteri kadar susmayi bilirsek doganin muzigini duyabiliriz…

Bu soze uzun sure sehrin parmakliklarinin icinde yasarken vakif olmakta zorlanmistim. Deniz kenarina inmek yada bir ormana kacmak gerekiyordu Istanbul’un gurultusunden ve insanlarin kosturmasindan arinarak ‘kendim’ olabilmem icin.

Sonra birgun aniden yada belki de adim adim gezmeyi dusunur oldum. Gezmek derken kastettigim alisilagelmis oldugu gibi tarihi eserleri yeniden kesif yada kulturun basrolde oldugu karelerin cekimi degildi. Dogaya donus seruveni denilebilecek kadar basit anlatilabilen ama temelinde cok daha yogun hissiyat ve ozlemin aciga ciktigi bir yolculuktu.

Ruzgar ve gunesin esasinda ne kadar huzur verdigini sehrin sokaklarinda hissetmek meger ne kadar imkansizmis anladim. Tipki yagmur ve kari semsiyenin yakismadigi topraklarda, agaclarin arasinda yeniden taniyip sevdigim gibi…

Abant Golu’ne yaptigim yolculuk bana ‘icimizde hep yasayan aidiyeti’ geri kazandirdi. Bu agac ise benim yeniden dogusumun bir sembolu oluverdi.

Kendinizi bir an icin masmavi bir golun kenarinda ayakta dururken hayal edin; Kasim ayinin ezberletilen sogugunun etkili olmadigi o gunesi uzerinizde parlarken ve bir agacin size bakarkenki ruzgarli ama sicak selamini dusunun. ‘Hosgeldin…’ diyen ses ruhunuzda yanki bulurken, tum maddi ve materyalist yuklerken arinisiniz size “varolmanin dayanilmaz hafifligi’ni armagan edecek..!