The Mirror of Pride has a blinding Light

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Pride is the trap within which One may lose everything.

Overestimation of one’s self may reduce the grand beauties of one’s great world…

So unfortunate that vanity becomes the deep prison within us…entrapped in a prison made of the bars of shades that one has drawn…  

Exagerating life events somehow shapes one’s own agony, unintentionally;

Exagerating one’s self importance and missing happiness in the tiny details is the blinding of one’s self and it is so devastating.


One is one’s own dangerous and life-long enemy.

The scores of one’s life races and losses are the ink spots which had leaked from one’s fingers.

That ink which comes into being within the veins of pride, flows down one’s skin and will never be cleansed with water and soap unless one cannot raise his consciousness and heal his soul.


Pride breeds egoism. The soul in search of love will then be buried into absolute solitude in time. Loneliness follows in silence; the eyes will search for others to blame among the emotionally crowded isolation.

To be able to love someone, some people assume that it is necessary to give up on one’s self; conversely, the aim is not to dispense with one’s self, Master, it is to add up to one’s self!