Past vs Future

I danced with the devil under the moonlight
always telling myself temporary hopes like
no passion gonna steal my childish path
no dream gonna be lost in my each step

i slept with my angels everynight
arguing how my life gonna be like
choosing planning each new target
never givin up on my soul and my heart

now years passed and ages became harder
no suprises comin or happily after
fairytales stopped where my ignorance lost
but now reality seems a little bit softer

how was the future in the eyes of yesterday
is this the way gonna be every coming day
same mirror but different payback anyway
memories becoming like dark and long subway

once you skip that moment of forgiveness
all the past restarts its fight against hopes and wishes
blaming ownself for those losts and ashes
surrounding the thougher inner jugdements

for those defending carpe diem
could you ever taste the present as much as it costs
or could you really eliminate the past from your thoughts
because, i couldnt find any explanation without continuous

but still i wish to scream my philosophy pretending living daily
and still i can fight against my rarely manipulated destiny!

Emine Yesim Aydin