To BE and To LOVE


I was living my hell in others panaromic paradises…

All my pain and suffer taught me to fight against my own damons.

And finally i reached to a level to succeed to be alive and to be more ‘human’.

I learned how important it was to be than to have.

‘Importance of my soul instead of my aristotelian logic’

Then I learned to love ME… too.

It was a long process and a real big deal for me. I had to define my priorities and needs in the first place. But i shouldn’t be selfish though.

It’s all about definitions and implications. It’s also about reading between the lines written by your heart to your eyes.

The world was much more than we could see or touch.

It took days and even weeks to internalize listening the symphony of the nature around me. Wind and rain were just a beginning. Step by step ears start to focus on the melody of stars and sun… Clouds start to dance with the rythm of the time and life restarts again for those new born souls.  First you feel like elementary student; everything has to be learned from the beginning. Colors, textures, sounds and emotions are going to be reshaped by new experiences. It can be defined as experimental existantialism. Each and every move that you make through moments you become more able to feel your existence than you did in your past.

First, you stop being a part of the materialist clan in which you used to live… Shopping means nothing to you anymore, and most commonly starts to be seen as a ‘ waste of money and time’.  You start to think that the idea of “less is more” could be your bottom line and  you realize that you already have too much to even share. Then you start questioning why you stay in that town, or in that job, from a point of view of being happy. Here comes the definition of happiness. Each definition has its own root, which is born in your inner self, when you were just a child.

Think about your childhood dreams and joys. When you had that kinda freedom to draw your own world. Those days when your were trying to give an answer to the question of “which do you prefer? flying or being invisible”. It was something so important for you and for your friends. They were pushing your decision making power through your character if they could be your friends or not. It was just that simple.  Most common answer was ‘flying’.

Now think about flying…

When we grew up, we lost our innocence.

Actually we didn’t loose it my friends. We just kept it as a secret to protect our hearts. Finally this decision that we have been taught in our whole life, made us a little bit solid and dark.

That darkness can be illuminated by peace and love. All you need is to make a peace with your own soul and love you own dreams.