i passed through many lifes till now
i dreamed i failed and i walked again
but i loved and listened to my heart eventually
we were never wrong and never hurt anyone

i was born in cold winter when snow was dancing
that was our first fight against nature we belong
never stopped living and none back off by crying
waited to be loved so long

life never became easier while i was growing
i used to be forgotten in dark eras come along
so my heart helped me believing in being no alone
we made choices in each step that we called strong

too much sun and too much moon we shared
questioning each loneliness that we had
but loved anyway without any question in our head
sometimes they hurt us its true
but sometimes we had seen love coming from them

no prescription was given to make it easier
we tried each and every single soul we met
while years were passing by
we stayed stick our in hope for to be loved

then we met with one special soul sliding through worlds misery
we were the only ones seeing his beauty in any sentence he speaks
we wished for his dreams come through and sharing his destiny
we felt that so much pain had been broken his wings
but we believed that he was still able to fly

we questioned what could be done eventually
but he was not ready to believe in a new reality
love was not enough for make him feel alive properly
there was always something making him cry silently

nothing was good enough to make him believe in a brand new episode
a great and a joyfull era crossing his mirrors which belong his lost
his potential was kept in secret for many years which he passed alone
noone was able to feel him deeper inside as he needed for

we still keep watching him in the dark streets of his broken heart
we still believe in his success coming by his clarifying his view
we still love him no matter how far he can be burned by himself in his artificial penalty.

Emine Yesim Aydin