Time Goes By...

We used to live in a world that we are forced to forget how important it is each and every single minute that we live…

Daily races, meaningles fights among eachother, wordly problems and issues are breaking us apart.

Life is just like a cigarette instead; each breath makes it closer to the end and we are not able to notice it until we see the ashes left behind. Those ashes keep our minutes hours and days which caries our ‘memories’…

Even if we are not able to stop the time, we still have the capacity to move it in a peaceful way. All we need is to realize our moments importance and significance. We need to live instead of passing by…

We all know a saying ” Have a nice day.” ; but how many of us, use it or more importantly mean it?… Probably just a few of us, and using it as a cliche.

Just like our good mornings and evenings…

Each sunrise gives us a chance to be reborn and to recreate our lives.  We do not need any forgiveness or apology coming from our past.

We have a brand new day with all possilibilities that we need. But remember that i am not talking about  a chance factor, because it’s all up to us. We are basicly sculptors of our existence.

We are our own trainer, partner and creator. What we need is within us.

To live is something deeper and it’s based in our souls not minds. All scenes are far more briallant that our eyes could see, which means also that our memories are shaped by our souls not by physical elements such as light or dark.

All emotions and feelings that we experience, are coded in a way that one day we will remember them by disregarding all material elements.

So my friends, we still have time to be… Next sunrise, start a new phase in your life by looking into yourself more deeply and with courage. Use your eyes to see instead of looking and remember that you are important. Yet your importance is equal with the others; so be generous and helpful…

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