Think Pink & Photography


Photographing keeps people overthinking their life and having bad feelings.

It is an important fact that photographing gives a chance to re-create our world by our hearts perspective

and gives us a positive approach to our surrounding world.

It gives ‘peace’ and a real awakening through trying to see different and beautiful things surrounding us.

That attention to the beauty gives us the ability to built a better world even if it is just ours.

We can not change what we have, but we can re-define what we see and especialy with no borders that others put infront of  our eyes.

One can find ownself in a real ugly place,

but playing with the lights, colors and perspective;

one can create a better one just by own inner power to see differently.

We can rapidly change our understandings by photographing them in a different mode.

Focusing into a small detail, can improve the big picture.

Especially with the effects that we can use by our cellphones, we can be our own “painters”.

We can paint the world by our emotions we put into.

I learned years ago that all we see is what we feel.

If you are happy enough to overestimate what you have, even it is a really tiny detail;

it can be grown by your soul and by your heart.


You can have more than what you see…

Seeing beyond your eyes…

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