Dear God, let this candle that I have lighted reflect my prayers in my absence

Let it be Your light illuminating me in my decisions and through my hardships…

Let it be Your fire to burn out the selfishness, the pride and the sin within me…

Let it be the flame of the love for my family, other human beings and all the people whom I shall meet today.

Dear God, I pray beside my candle and ask for your kind grace for all the loved ones in my heart.

Dear God, as I can not stay long in Your House, I leave this candle as a token of my heart to You…

Please help me to do everything with love… Amen…


I have always said this prayer as I lighted my candles, and my motives in lighting my candles transcended all religions…

Whenever I pray in the light of my candle, I am always carried away on the wings of that candle light.

And all my prayers became my reality today:

My Mom is so well and healthy, I am full of joy and happiness.

Dear God, I thank you! Today has been my happiest day…

And there will be so many more to live and enjoy…

I never gave up believing, and I know that my God never gave up on me and that is why I live my life in bliss.

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