I Made A Wish Today


I made a wish today..

My wish was neither for the brotherhood and love for the world, nor was it for the peace and beauty of the city.

My wish was only for me , my prayer, my begging was only for my happiness …

I neither made a divine appeal for a happy marriage, nor did I pray for a comrade or for a lover…

I only made a wish for happiness and not because I was unhappy; I just wished for more.

I begged God to be a witness of my own life where all days were willed with peace, with grace, and I prayed for serenity.

I made a wish that God will guide me never to repeat past mistakes; never to forget the lessons I have learned the hard way.

I begged Him that I live a life where I make the sun shine brightly over me and my mother…

My wish had no triviality; I made a list of things that money can not buy…

I begged for that health and joy which I had heard my grandmother praying for us continuously when I was a little child.

I almost shouted with all my heart that God might hear me well.

I asked Him for that strength that my future days never be shadowed by regrets and sorrows.


I buried the past to my deepest self…I thought about everything, I wrote everything down within my heart before I made my wish.

I forgave everyone and everything in my heart and I raised my head, I stood erect and faced Him. I quietened all the storms I had within me before I hoisted sail today…

Neither did I let my own winds to bring tears to my eyes, nor did I let myelf be carried away by the southwest winds of  others…

I did not forget anything but I made a wish that no one will ever remind me of any memories that I have left behind.


I sent my soul to that forgiveness of that unlimited love today.

No load remained on my back nor in my mind today.

I made a wish from my celestial divine Father for happiness today.

I shouted higher, stronger with that tiny, new peace and faith blossoming in me!

I made a wish today, I wished for freedom…

I made a wish for a life in which I will not render account even to my own self…!

“My Father” heard me today and today He listened to me more than His other children.

I know because I am vivacious, because I am bustling with joy since my wish today…!

I know He loves me!



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