Love is a repetitive experience for human beings…

One meets love, learns from love and leaves love over and over again, leaving behind all that one has memorized and the lands that have been so precious for existence..

Then love conquers the soul again, new expectations are re-born every new day.

One will trust again or fool itself again, challenging all past experiences.

The heart will volunteer to become a hostage of the feelings over and over again; an unending struggle.

 A person aims at loving and being loved and carries this notion within the heart as if that is what all life is worth for. Then comes a time when the heart is broken, deeply hurt; eyes get sick of crying…

There may also come a time when one simple small beauty is a remedy for the heart and may heal all sorrow.

To escape rebelling the Creator, sometimes it requires acceptance when faced with the helplessness of deep pains. The tiniest sign of hope for a desire keeps the struggle on and one never gives up. 

Unpronounced fears are enslaved within the deepest caves of our consciousness.

A careless moment when a thought may rise among others, when a word may escape the lips, pains may crawl up to the surface.

This is why the soul rests in silence.

Eyes remain shut, lips stay tight, all to keep the shadow of truth falling on the light of love.

 In the immense darkness of some nights, even the moon can not shine on one’s heart.

Day is seldom looked for; morning never touches the sleepless eyelashes.

Memories are but tiny condolescences when the sorrow is deep.

One keeps on decorating the mental images of gone-by happiness. 

Then a miracle happens, destiny smiles on the sad prisoner; love falls back into the heart from the worn-out physical body.

Once again the cage is broken with even a greater enthusiasm.

The smell of freedom penetrates the love; mind gently wipes away the tears and one starts and keeps on talking feverish with love.



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