Shining on the Street


Each day we pass by the strangers working on the streets with no time to think or to watch the world that ‘we’ are living in.

Each of them works in a different spot with no possibility or with no need to realize the beauty of ‘our’ city that we enjoy to live in.

They are always alone outside of our fancy lives. Sometimes we don’t see them or we don’t even hear their voices.

Maybe we are too alienated from eachother, or just too selfish to care for…

But still we have some ideas about their incomes or about their lifestyles. The problem is that, our ideas are created from an egocentric or even from an ethnocentric perspectives.

We don’t actually know or accept them. They live within our paradoxes.

They  live in their own boxes which we put them into by our social understandings.

We used to blame the migration problems or we find an easier way called pointing to the education system and so on.

Whatever the reasons for their working on the streets, we forget our humanity and kindness toward them.

A simple “hi” can change a life even for just a moment; but it’s still a powerful action.

Many of them don’t beg for nothing. They just work to feed their families and they don’t want to loose their self-respect or their families honour.

They are far away from being a beggar…


On the other hand, they beg for life and a salvation given from God.

They need love and attention coming from people around them, from the people who see them.

A little recognition…

We can’t go outside and start to help one by one, it won’t be a solution of the poverty; but as we are able to see and to hear, we can share our love in our own surroundings.

Walking by a broken heart, and saying “I see you”…

Sharing a common human essence…

You will see how this will effect their  lives by their eyes, which will momentarily shine in happiness.