If we know to stay silent as long as necessary, we can hear the music of nature.
Living within the fence of the city for a long time, I had difficulty to grasp the meaning of these words.
It required going to the seaside or to flee into the forest to escape the noise of Istanbul , to cleanse myself from the running crowds, to be myself.
Then one day quite suddenly or may be having processed it step by step, I found myself considering journeying.
I do not mean to tour my environment to explore historical monuments or capturing the pictures of those things based on our culture.
I mean a journey which might have been simply defined as a return to the nature but basically a journey evoked by dense feelings, feelings of a deep nostalgia.    
I understood the impossibility of feeling the peace of the wind, of the sun by strolling on the city streets.
Just as rain and snow can not be enjoyed walking on the earth under an umbrella and I  could experience and love them when I was among the trees…
My trip to the Abant Lake brought back to me that feeling of belonging, an inborn trait that we all possess.
This specific tree became the symbol of my re-incarnation.