NOT a wish list BUT a strategical plan

new_years_eve_getaways_600x450Sometimes I feel that I wasted my time wishing things without any effort in it…

This year I changed my mind and I decided to fight against my old habbit.

I made a ‘To Do List’ :

To Clean up each and every shadow left behind my sarrows

To reset my mind and my heart to be able to recreate my thoughts and my feelings

To wake up (always) early in the morning

To wake each day with a smile even without a reason for it

To run or to walk each morning just to see closer how the nature and my body works

To eat healthy food and staying away from all kind of junk and alcohol

To apologize from each person who I hurt once and I lost because of it

To pray whenever and wherever I want to, for me or for anything that I care

To thank you to God every night for the things that I had, I felt, I learned and I saw

To appreciate and to love myself

To care about the mother earth and to do whatever is needed to save the souls with her

To make investments for the future

(but most importantly) To improve my present

To forgive and to forget the past

To love and to care about my society and people around me

To learn one more foreign language and a culture with it

To organize trips -as many as I can- to different and interesting foreign places

To communicate with strangers

To create a better of me in any sense that I need

To meet new friends -both people and animals-

To help

To listen

To understand

To love



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