A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

couple-embrace In an old spot of the city, a brand new love is shining on the street…

All the daily raises, all the worries and pains or even hurries are set aside leaving an unknown taste of happiness in this picture…

This couple doesn’t care about the time or place, they are free to dare to love unconditioningly.

They are young and they still feel their existence, which many of othershad lost its meaning under the years which passed by.

Love is priceless and limitless.

Love is kinda stepping outside from running in circles. It gives our moments back which life takes from us.

You just feel more alive and more real.

It’s like adding glitters to the pastel colors…

You are not alone anymore if you have love;or simply if you love…

And this erases all broken thoughts from your mind. It also gives meaning to your thoughts.

You become alienated by social structures, and your slavery routines of your life become unimportant or even meaningless.

Think about the others in this picture;

Do they look joyful? Absolutely not… And that’s the difference of love own.

This couple can be seen both as separating for that moment or just arrived and found eachother. But in both situtation, they have them, with all pure and innocent love.

Maybe they will loose their anxious to meet one day, and maybe they will become like others;

but now is their time to feel themselves as unique and united.

This feeling is the most precious one ever in a life time.

Thinking all my daily basis worries and thoughts, fights and so on;

I should admit that I’m pretty jealous, looking at them.

Even just a picture can take you from your chair to a different mode of thinking just in a second.

I tried to picture myself in that scene; and I found out that I put myself in that tramspot waiting for the new one.

The bad part of my imagination was: waiting a streetcar as a part of my touristic excursion and I imagined myself alone in a foreign city…

How sad yeah?..



 I am not suggesting a world of equality for everyone; I am, however, imagining a world of my own in which everyone will be loved equally.

A dream world where there are no prejudices… I dream of people loving each other as innocently as the animals do…

A world, for example, where races are intermixed but not mixed with prejudices; a world of pure love…

I wish to meet other  people with no consideration on neither part with regard to color or voice.

I am not in pursuing full agreement between people; it is enough to be at that point of trying to understand.

I wish that two strangers greet each other when passing by each other.

I dream of lives being as simple as just expressing a wish from the other.

Not even words have to be spoken; a simple movement of the head being understood fully by the other.

Agreement is not important; understanding is my dream…   

The world in which we live at present saddens me unwillingly.

The crowds passing by a fallen person on the street with unseeing eyes fills my heart with pain.

I am rebelling against this post-modern negligence of the other. Is it difficult to love the world and other human beings unconditionally?..

Is it that hard to show and to share love and respect?

Documentaries share with us the sacrificing relations among multitudes of animals; why should such a treasure not be shared among the humans of this world?

When did we become so egocentric? When was it that we started to lose emotions?…

Why should it be a burden on the shoulders to give a little smile and create even the tiniest joy in another’s life?..

When did we lose politeness? When did we get so silent and started to live in little personal boxes?

When was it that reactions only surfaced for only material interests?

When was it that cooperating and sharing with others became so impossible?

When did we forget that we belonged to the nature and remained silent when trees were replaced by tall buildings?

And did this alienation start? How did we allow ourselves to ride the same elevators without recognizing the neighbors?

There is a deep silence among all the noise of this world…

Everyone is talking now but nobody hears the other…


I humbly suggest and wish that we make a difference today :

Smile at someone passing by you on the street, thank with all sincerity to the janitor collecting your waste bin, sit near someone on a bench and say hello to him…

I wish that you make a difference today: give a piece of your toast to a street cat and pat him, or pat the head of a dog for no reason at all…

Feel yourself alive and all those around you feel the same…

Make a difference and feel the unconditionality of life and breathe!



If you had known me you would have remained silent when I was screaming

If at first you would not understand or even fear, then you would certainly come near

You would reach out to embrace me but then burn in my cold

Then maybe you would listen or maybe you would reproach

Still you would wish to hear

But I did not know myself what to say what to show

Sometimes mornings do not bring the sun and sometimes the nights do not darken in my life

My feelings contradicting each other, my heart stops in silence

You would not understand and you would be afraid…

Sometimes you would rejoice at having known me

Sometimes you would cry for not having yet understood


Feeling me near you when I was not there

Catching my absence when I was indeed there

You did not wish to move back and pushed the time instead ahead

Then seeing my captivity in my errors

You would also question life

Did you understand, probably not

Did you feel, probably yes

If you ask me if I would be sure

I would tell you that nothing in life is reflected from its definition

The expressions which you have brought up

would sometimes remain in the shade and be cold

or would sometimes be left under the sun and fade, I would say.

Neither would you rest against me and find comfort

Nor would I trust you and find love



Dear God, let this candle that I have lighted reflect my prayers in my absence

Let it be Your light illuminating me in my decisions and through my hardships…

Let it be Your fire to burn out the selfishness, the pride and the sin within me…

Let it be the flame of the love for my family, other human beings and all the people whom I shall meet today.

Dear God, I pray beside my candle and ask for your kind grace for all the loved ones in my heart.

Dear God, as I can not stay long in Your House, I leave this candle as a token of my heart to You…

Please help me to do everything with love… Amen…


I have always said this prayer as I lighted my candles, and my motives in lighting my candles transcended all religions…

Whenever I pray in the light of my candle, I am always carried away on the wings of that candle light.

And all my prayers became my reality today:

My Mom is so well and healthy, I am full of joy and happiness.

Dear God, I thank you! Today has been my happiest day…

And there will be so many more to live and enjoy…

I never gave up believing, and I know that my God never gave up on me and that is why I live my life in bliss.

Every morning again, anew, once again

538015_478697175498727_828301497_nSun rises again every day; it is only up to us to value this continuous re-birth…

Every morning is the beginning of a new life…

All pain and sorrow drowns within the night and the first rays of the sun clean the heart.. All souls are enlightened with each sunrise…

Such a grand cleansing that even at that first glimpse, one strips off all the worries.


This is such a cleansing that one can not help but fills with wonder the sight of the sun.

Such deep is the penetration of that light and the happiness that one keeps on feeling re-born at each new dawn.

This is why I believe in the Sun and I understand why all ancient civilizations worshipped the sun…!

Every single morning I grasp the essence of ancient wisdom in which Sun is the greatest of all gods.

Gods of rain, of moon, of snow may carry within them some secret fears, dangers, threats whereas Sun as the God will shine on them too!


I accept with respect that important role that Sun played since the Creation: giving birth.

And I also know that when the sun rises again tomorrow morning, thenuniverse will give me an enormous new chance for a new life…

When the desire comes from the depth of the heart, all mistakes, all deficiencies, all helplessness are wiped away by the Sun…

The rays of the sun flowing down through the clouds and shining on one’s skin create feelings which surpass forgiveness… 

If one can only trust enough, keep silent enough and listen to the universe, in the blink of an eye one can erase all the mistakes in one’s life…

I trust the Sun.

In the mornings, I can feel all the opportunities that it presents.

And I love the Sun! Because It gives me the chance of being myself again at every dawn.

This is why I love waking in the mornings; waking up even if it is yet too early, waking up when the sky is yet pinkish red…

The reflection of the rays of the sun on the leaves and on the grass…this must be magic…

Such a magic that not only does it make all living things shine but also glorifies the earth, the soil, the stones and makes them alive…

Those who appreciate the value of the sun most are those who drowned in the dark…

Those who have walked the dark streets and were deeply hurt; those are the people who will notice most the sun rising in the morning.

I do not have the intention of describing the supremacy of the sun as I am writing these lines; it is so noticeable, so clear.

However, I feel like emphasizing the necessity of such an appreciation.

Because I remember the pains I had when in darkness…

As it is usually called, helplessness is an experience which I carried a lot in my soul and that is why the Sun is so important in my life.

Beginning of FREEDOM


Freedom is hidden within one’s self…

To grasp that feeling without searching the definitions in the philosophies, one should look at the mirror.

Freedom does not arrive without sweeping away the wounds of the consciousness initially.

One can not hear the voice of freedom without silencing the noise of life…

One needs to free herself from the scars, the chains and the connections of all painful experiences and even the shades of happy times…

It is not as simple as learning to live in the moment. Nevertheless, we need to understand the moment; t

he causes, the consequences should be taken away from the burdens which still lie silently over the shoulders, placing these into the deep chests of the heart…

Only then can the soul find a vast landscape to gaze into.

Even if we still carry the smells of all people we have known, the streets we have crossed, as they are now wide away and hands can no longer reach them, we can relax and think “so all that was meant to be experienced”.

People have entered our lives for a reason or for a season, and so it is…


Everyone and every event has a reason embedded deep within…

One should start with forgiving herself and never regret the experiences;

then one should accept and forgive all the guests who have visited one’s life, breaking down all judgments and all the feelings of blame…

Life is not lived once actually…

Every morning is the beginning of the new life.

Every new sun is born for new expectations

and God gives one a new chance to anyone who wishes to practice the lessons learned so far…


Tomorrow when you wake up, you will have the notes you have taken in the classes of life;

You will have the experiences you have saved,

You will see with eyes shining with a deeper attention.






The path is not that long actually…


The path is not that long actually…

Our past years may appear quite suddenly… Retrospective understanding is no cure to our experiences; neither is it worthwhile to worry about the future…

It is us and us only who have registered the personal memories; and no one else will ever know what has occurred and why in our souls.

No one will ever know the depth of our angers or our loves. Although this whole life may seem as small as a theater stage, there is a huge backstage to this play…

I wonder if this why we often say “God is my witness”?

Is it the aloneness of being the only witness that we yearn to have other witnesses?

And if we and God are the only witnesses, why do we still bother our minds within the corridors of our memories to undertand and to explain our non-reversible lives?

Shouldn’t we allow all to pass through our hands and hearts?

Silent and falseless loneliness is strong and free and does not even allow us to hurt ourselves.

Let all those hands, affections, rebellions, worries remain in silence in the songs and in the pictures…

Let us leave the scarecrows of our fields frighten the crow-shaped resentments..

Let us walk through lives, roads, people.

All that we worry should be limited to the indecisions we have when faced with choices..

It shouldn’t be that hard to keep in mind that the present moment is all the life.

Shoulders high, chest full, forehead bright…that is how we should keep walking in the pace of the moment.

“We” in our minds should always be the momentary WE…


Our road should always be illuminated by our hopes, our loves and our expectations. Our future should never be defeated. Haven’t we spent all those years to find out the truth?

Now, all that remains for us to do is to practice, practice so that our path shines brightly…

I Made A Wish Today


I made a wish today..

My wish was neither for the brotherhood and love for the world, nor was it for the peace and beauty of the city.

My wish was only for me , my prayer, my begging was only for my happiness …

I neither made a divine appeal for a happy marriage, nor did I pray for a comrade or for a lover…

I only made a wish for happiness and not because I was unhappy; I just wished for more.

I begged God to be a witness of my own life where all days were willed with peace, with grace, and I prayed for serenity.

I made a wish that God will guide me never to repeat past mistakes; never to forget the lessons I have learned the hard way.

I begged Him that I live a life where I make the sun shine brightly over me and my mother…

My wish had no triviality; I made a list of things that money can not buy…

I begged for that health and joy which I had heard my grandmother praying for us continuously when I was a little child.

I almost shouted with all my heart that God might hear me well.

I asked Him for that strength that my future days never be shadowed by regrets and sorrows.


I buried the past to my deepest self…I thought about everything, I wrote everything down within my heart before I made my wish.

I forgave everyone and everything in my heart and I raised my head, I stood erect and faced Him. I quietened all the storms I had within me before I hoisted sail today…

Neither did I let my own winds to bring tears to my eyes, nor did I let myelf be carried away by the southwest winds of  others…

I did not forget anything but I made a wish that no one will ever remind me of any memories that I have left behind.


I sent my soul to that forgiveness of that unlimited love today.

No load remained on my back nor in my mind today.

I made a wish from my celestial divine Father for happiness today.

I shouted higher, stronger with that tiny, new peace and faith blossoming in me!

I made a wish today, I wished for freedom…

I made a wish for a life in which I will not render account even to my own self…!

“My Father” heard me today and today He listened to me more than His other children.

I know because I am vivacious, because I am bustling with joy since my wish today…!

I know He loves me!




Love is a repetitive experience for human beings…

One meets love, learns from love and leaves love over and over again, leaving behind all that one has memorized and the lands that have been so precious for existence..

Then love conquers the soul again, new expectations are re-born every new day.

One will trust again or fool itself again, challenging all past experiences.

The heart will volunteer to become a hostage of the feelings over and over again; an unending struggle.

 A person aims at loving and being loved and carries this notion within the heart as if that is what all life is worth for. Then comes a time when the heart is broken, deeply hurt; eyes get sick of crying…

There may also come a time when one simple small beauty is a remedy for the heart and may heal all sorrow.

To escape rebelling the Creator, sometimes it requires acceptance when faced with the helplessness of deep pains. The tiniest sign of hope for a desire keeps the struggle on and one never gives up. 

Unpronounced fears are enslaved within the deepest caves of our consciousness.

A careless moment when a thought may rise among others, when a word may escape the lips, pains may crawl up to the surface.

This is why the soul rests in silence.

Eyes remain shut, lips stay tight, all to keep the shadow of truth falling on the light of love.

 In the immense darkness of some nights, even the moon can not shine on one’s heart.

Day is seldom looked for; morning never touches the sleepless eyelashes.

Memories are but tiny condolescences when the sorrow is deep.

One keeps on decorating the mental images of gone-by happiness. 

Then a miracle happens, destiny smiles on the sad prisoner; love falls back into the heart from the worn-out physical body.

Once again the cage is broken with even a greater enthusiasm.

The smell of freedom penetrates the love; mind gently wipes away the tears and one starts and keeps on talking feverish with love.




I remember those years that we didn’t have cellphones, computers, playstations and so on…

The years that we were more innocent and aware of the world “nature” we live in.

TECHNOLOGY was simplier in those years, and it was based on our real needs… Each decade gave us other forms of technology which the main purpose was communication…

The human species’ use of technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. The prehistorical discovery of the ability of control fire increased the available sources of food and the invention of the wheel helped humans in travelling in and controlling their environment. Recent technological developments, including the printing press, the telephone and the Internet, have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale.

The late cultural critic Neil Postman distinguished tool-using societies from technological societies and, finally, what he called “technopolies,” that is, societies that are dominated by the ideology of technological and scientific progress, to the exclusion or harm of other cultural practices, values and world-views.

The implementation of technology influences the value of a society by changing expectations and realities.

The implementation of technology is also influenced by values.

1- Viewing the universe as a collection of parts, (like a machine), that can be individually analyzed and understood. This is a form of reductionism that is rare nowadays. However, the “neo-mechanistic world view” holds that nothing in the universe cannot be understood by the human intellect. Also, while all things are greater than the sum of their parts (e.g., even if we consider nothing more than the information involved in their combination), in principle, even this excess must eventually be understood by human intelligence. That is, no DIVINE or VITAL principle or essence is involved.

2- EFFICIENCY : A value, originally applied only to machines, but now applied to all aspects of society, so that each element is expected to attain a higher and higher percentage of its maximal possible performance, output, or ability.

3- SOCIAL PROGRESS: The belief that there is such a thing as social progress, and that, in the main, it is beneficent. Before the Industrial Revolution, and the subsequent explosion of technology, almost all societies believed in a cyclical theory of social movement and, indeed, of all history and the universe. This was, obviously, based on the cyclicity of the seasons, and an agricultural economy’s and society’s strong ties to that cyclicity. Since much of the world is closer to their agricultural roots, they are still much more amenable to cyclicity than progress in history.


Technology provides an understanding, and an appreciation for the world around us.

Most modern technological processes produce unwanted byproducts in addition to the desired products, which is known as industrial waste and pollution.

While most material waste is re-used in the industrial process, many forms are released into the environment, with negative environmental side effects, such as pollution and lack of sustainability. Different social and political systems establish different balances between the value they place on additional goods versus the disvalues of waste products and pollution.

Some technologies are designed specifically with the environment in mind, but most are designed first for economic or ergonomic effects. Historically, the value of a clean environment and more efficient productive processes has been the result of an increase in the wealth of society, because once people are able to provide for their basic needs, they are able to focus on less-tangible goods such as clean air and water.

Humanity at the moment may be compared to a colony of bacteria in a Petri dish with a constant food supply: with no way to remove the wastes of their metabolism, the bacteria eventually poison themselves.